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In memory of a period of time where the war forced the population to flee to the streets.

This piece was designed and created to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the twinning of the towns Biesheim and Le Mas d’Agenais.


The Salmon that goes back up the river is an element of the coat of arms for Biesheim- supported by the three outstretched hands- these are the components to the coat of arms of Mas d’Agen.


Black: the scales of the fish are becoming denser and this transformation evokes the departure of the inhabitants of Biesheim on the road to survival. It is emphasized by the central stops and is also evocative of the water…… they will be met down the road by the plane trees lining the canal passing Mas d’Agen.

White: reflects the journey in the water on the river of the canal.

Metal stylized hands symbolize the solidarity and brotherhood that still exists today between human beings.

Created in 2004 by Catherine Dubon.


Cristallines d'or :

Inspired by creation of Chef Michel TRAMA.

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